Events filming

Events filming

Making the most of your events with film

We designed our events filming service to be responsive to your needs. Too often, companies commission beautiful events videos but receive them too late to be used to their full effect.

We can quickly turnaround the footage on the day to provide you with the video you need. Whether that is “Today we’ve been discussing…” videos, “Coming up tomorrow…” videos, or daily highlights videos for multi-day events. Or just a complete end-of-show roundup which we’ll deliver promptly to maintain the success of your event.

Aside from social content on the day, we can offer keynote presentation filming and cutting slides and visual assets into the video afterwards. Or creating content with important people in your business, clients and partners as “bank” content for later use, or as social content on the day.  Pre-event we can produce a catchy video to help build the buzz.

As with all of our other services, we can help you at the planning stage of your events filming. This will ensure you maximise your opportunity with video beyond creating digital assets for your social media channels. We don’t offer set event packages. We tailor the budget, crewing and delivery to suit as much or as little content as you need.

We’ll shoot with experienced broadcast television professionals. We’ll use great quality equipment. And we’ll provide all the post-production you need to make your events videos look fantastic.