Lifeskills – Learning for Living

Lifeskills are a safety education charity in Bristol, U.K, who deliver valuable life lessons (road safety, fire safety, electrical hazards, railway safety) to school aged children at their fantastic purpose-built centre.

Since the national lockdown of March 2020, they have been forced to suspend all school visits,
which has resulted in a net loss of £100,000 and 12,500 local school children not receiving this
valuable education.

Zanshin Films were tasked with script editing, filming, and video editing 16 quality, focused videos for a subscription service, to temporarily replace the in-person training, and generate some much- needed revenue for the charity.

At the time of writing over 113 schools/ 4400 pupils have paid for video resource, and the
charity has made £30,000 in revenue.

‘Nathan’s generosity, hard work and talent have helped to save our charity during such a difficult and turbulent time. Together we created 16 short films in a very short time frame. Nathan was very friendly and easy to work with both when filming and post-production. He was quick to respond, knew exactly what to do, and transformed our vision into film.’

Esme Gottesman, General Assistant, Lifeskills

The project has been a massive success, using video to drive revenue has helped financially save the charity, and maintained their excellent standing in the area, as a new generation of children are able to receive these lessons.

This was a brilliant project to work on, through setting clear objectives, workflows, and deadlines, we were able to turn around a huge amount of footage, whilst hitting weekly deliveries to ensure the schools had their next batch of videos.

Using Frame IO review software, we could keep multiple edits running, and streamline the feedback and approvals process so the client was aware of which stage any edit was at, at any given time.

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Camera Equipment Used
Sony FS7 – Lumix GH5 – Ronin SE Gimbal

Postproduction Software
Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Frame IO