The Zanshin Films mission

A word from our founder

Many of the best videos tell a story. And we have our own story to tell. One which shows why we are so well placed to help you.

My name is Nathan and I am the founder of Zanshin Films. On my journey to this point I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of filming as I have honed my own skills.

My career is founded in demanding of broadcast TV. Years of experience gained which can’t be replicated solely by a media degree or working on corporate filming. Efficiency. Skill. Shooting for the edit. Team work. Being mentored by old pros. And a network.

Yes, the connections I made back then, and as my career progressed, mean I can hand-pick an expert team for whatever your job today requires. Experts in the field of camera work, lighting, scripting to name just three. The team at Zanshin Film is always tailor made for you.

Shooting an array of broadcast TV programmes including: blue light, architecture, lifestyle, documentary, history, dramatic reconstruction and consumer – refined my storytelling skills, and the filming grammar and various techniques required for different audiences.

Taking this skillset and network into the corporate world, we now work with enterprise clients using video to powerfully and strategically deliver long-term return on investment and help them achieve their goals.

Zanshin roughly translates to “empty mind” or “relaxed awareness”, brought to us from the world of martial arts. It is a moment of control and confidence – not violence and dominance – after you have thrown an opponent. Having represented Great Britain in Aikido, I feel it perfectly encapsulates our approach to film making.