Podcasts may not be your first thought when you’re planning content. But they are a trending promotional tool.

According to Ofcom, the regulator for communications services, podcasts are in rude health in the UK. Almost six million adults listen to them every week. Moreover, it is a growing trend. The number of weekly adult listeners virtually doubled between 2013 and 2018.

One in ten adults now regularly listening to podcasts. So it’s an effective way to create long-running content. You can keep your audience returning for the next episode every week or month.

Our podcast recording service is designed to offer you an efficient way to create a series of podcasts. A six-episode podcast series does not mean six days of recording. Because we can help you plan your topics or guests for a whole series. And then we’ll capture it all efficiently.

If your premises are suitable for audio recording, or you have a suitable alternative local to you, we can bring a mobile studio to you across the UK. But if they’re not quiet enough, or you’d simply prefer it, you can come to Zanshin HQ and do your podcast recording in Bristol with us.

We can film and edit high-quality video snippets to accompany the audio. Better still, our experienced team can help you plan your content. In addition, we’ll work with PR professionals or your internal team to define your distribution strategy across your channels, assisting with assets on which to build the promotional campaign.

We work for in-house social media and marketing teams, and agencies who need extra resource. It’s a lean, efficient service set up to maximise your return on investment.