Serial filming

Serial filming

Our serial filming retained service gives you cost-effective video production over the long term. This means you can guarantee to have high-quality content for use across your channels for months or years to come. In one serial filming project we ran for VMware over the course of two years, we increased their YouTube views by 1,600% from 200,000 to 3.4 million.

Our serial filming service is not limited to production. We also help you with strategy, bringing ideas to the table. We’ll facilitate forward-planning sessions to highlight key events and filming opportunities. And we’ll help you decide upon the best way to get your message across.

Once we have agreed upon strategy, we’ll run regular filming days to capture the content you need. We’ll then cut it to ensure you have regular on-brand footage.

This retained service is a cost-effective way to meet your long-term video requirements. But the best thing about it is the control it gives you. By thinking and filming for the long term, it will position you as proactive within your company in the short term. So whenever you are approached by a colleague for video you’ll have the plans in place to provide it – instead of wanting to pull your hair out.

Need serial filming in Bristol or the wider UK?

If you are part of a marketing or social media team or work for a PR agency, and have a need for a long-term filming project, talk to us today on 0117 941 5326. We offer serial filming in Bristol where we are based, but can travel across the UK.