Your Video Production Journey – Pre-Production

You may never have commissioned or worked with video in your business, or as part of your own personal Branding?

Or maybe you’re intrigued as to how the most effective type of digital communication is produced? 

In this series of blogs, I will briefly walk you through each step of the Video Production journey, explain how the machine works, and how to make the most out of your new digital marketing content.

At this point your estimated budget and deliverable requirements will be signed off e.g., 1 min promotional video, 10X Social Media Videos, 5X Explainer videos, and most importantly you will know how video will solve the business need you have e.g., more sales, increased ranking on social media, content for video subscription service. 

Video Production lives and dies in the planning, or Pre-Production, stage.  The devil is very much in the detail here!  

The first part of Pre-Production is a further deep dive into how each piece of your video content will look and feel, and how it will be filmed, this may mean some small tweaks to deliverable requirements and budget, and then we are ready to get creative.

Depending on the style and format of your video content the scripting stage can go in several directions. 

If you are having a script prepared, then we will pass on our notes and bullet points to one of our brilliant script writing team to cook up a marketing masterpiece to promote your business. 

We then will book crew, locations and sort all the logistics, to make sure your shoot runs to time, on budget and is a great experience for you and your team.

If we can help with your video production requirements, then please get in touch through the contact page.